One Heart To Prove

Just finished recording my first demo of the summer..  I’ve put away the tascam portastudio and replaced it with a digital interface to hopefully take my limited recording skills to the next level.  Might have to call on a couple experts (ala Nate Edwards & Jeremiah Nelson) to help me along, but so far I’m happy with the first track.

One Heart To Prove by paulotteson

How can I connect the strings

That bind the errs my fortune brings

Like a ruby small beneath a stone

Can I bleed beyond this heavy home?

Yeah, we all need a clue

How to make our peace and our souls to soothe 

So give me one heart to prove

All my wrongs have been construed 

To relive those days you know what I would do

Just give me one more heart to prove

I was raised on timeless stains

A hidden sun, the sugar cane

And what led me out the door to find you

Wasn’t pure or even kind you need to know

But I’m gonna change my tone

Settle all the debts of a man who spent his life all alone


If it came down to a single thing

What would it take? What could I sing?

Don’t tell me it’s beyond my time 

I need a hope, I need a holy sign

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Paul Otteson

wisconsinite, singer-songwriter, unemployed lion tamer, unqualified-snow-slinging quality control inspector, proud house plant owner.


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