Band Practice

Put a few new tunes on the table last night with Luke Bassuener of Control & Asumya, and Tom McCarty of The Midwesterners. Felt great to jam again.. always seems like it’s been too long.  

In the past month we’ve worked through about half the songs on the new album, and things are really coming together. These two have an especially keen creative reflex.. bringing to life parts that I couldn’t begin to imagine.  One particular favorite moment was the third or fourth run of “Taliesin”.. at one point things just clicked.. 

This weekend it’s back to demo recording mode as I update some scratch tracks and finalize some vocal parts on my end.  Hopefully next month we’ll track drums/bass for 6 of the tunes and start working on parts for the remainder of the album.  Very excited to get Whitney Mann in the studio as well to sing harmony on “Oh, Destiny” and “Empty Refrain”.  Here’s a demo of “Taliesin” as mentioned above:

Taliesin Demo by paulotteson


Fall Where They May [EP]

I’ve spent the last 4 months obsessed with four songs.. seems ridiculous now that I say it, but sometimes that’s how it has to happen.  This was my first solo venture into recording and I hated it.  and I loved it.  and I’m still undecided.  Most of the tracks were recorded in my living room; in between dog barking, lawn mowing, engine revving, birds singing, and coffee breaks.  Lets just say I’ve come to understand the soundscape of my neighborhood more than I ever wanted to.

All of the songs on Fall Where They May are memories.  Not life-changing memories, but simply the first thoughts that came to mind when thinking about a few friends I’ve lost connection with over the years.  It’s hard to imagine that there are people we may never see again; and even harder to imagine that there are people we may never think of again.  I suppose this album is a reaction to that undeniable fact.

Each song trys to preserve not just an event, but also the tone and fleeting consequences sometimes hidden within the memory.  An effort to recreate the original feeling and experience at the current passage of time.  During this project, I’ve found that many of these relationships teach us something well beyond their ending.  Perhaps, a parting gift; lest they be forgotten forever.

Everyone I’ve ever met (forgotten or remembered) will take that leap toward the unknown at some point.  The fall that separates the moments we shared from the moments ahead.  My only hope.. Safe May They Land.

Paul Otteson

wisconsinite, singer-songwriter, unemployed lion tamer, unqualified-snow-slinging quality control inspector, proud house plant owner.


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